The story of Oscar Lería Chateau remotes back to humble origins, he was born in a family of hard working Spanish immigrants, who through the creation of Dos en Uno Company, changed their future into becoming the successful business family they are today.

OSLER Investments was founded by Oscar Lería Chateau in 2011, with the objective of consolidating his real estate, forestry, agricultural and other investments under one structure. Through OSLER he has begun to incorporate the next generation of the family, which includes 5 children, and his wife Paola Luksic, in order to help foster the continued formation and development of new projects.
Its first milestone was the purchase of 1.045 hectares of urban land located in Puchuncavi, V region. Since then, the company has formed alliances with important actors in the real estate areas in Chile, managing and developing several first and second housing projects in Chile and Spain, offices and rental of commercial stores.

Also, OSLER has successfully entered the areas of forestry and livestock productivity as well as other fields such as sports and wellness.