We believe in team work, this is why we seek long term partnerships with the best in their field, enriching our experience and achieving a complete picture of the real estate business in Chile.



Founded in 2001, this real estate company develops high quality projects. Through their alliances they participate in different real estate projects oriented towards first housing. These stand out for their contemporary design and high standards of construction which privilege the best quality life style.

Our Projects

– San Jorge Building, 14.939 m2, Ñuñoa, 2014
– El Alba Building, 26.934 m2, Las Condes, 2013
– Andrés de Vera Building, 10.665 m2, Vitacura, 2013
– San Damián I Building, 13.100 m2, Las Condes, 2013
– Vincent Building, 14.373 m2, Ñuñoa, 2012
– D´Halmar Building, 18.775 m2, Ñuñoa, 2012
– Tempo Building, 11.771 m2, Ñuñoa, 2011
– Club C Building, 20.726 m2, Santiago, 2010
– Aires de La Cisterna Building, 6.257 m2, 2010
– Origen Building, 10.464 m2, Ñuñoa, 2006


Patio Company was founded in 2004 with the objective of becoming the largest operator of neighborhood shopping centers in Chile.

Three years later they joined forces with the important US investment fund KIMCO, the world’s largest shopping center operator, which allowed them to develop as a very important actor in the national market.

Areas of development

– Commercial
– Offices
– Industrial
– Capitals


Impulsa is a proactive and innovative company that detects, defines, evaluates and proposes attractive and interesting business opportunities within the field of real estate.

They have participated in successful projects by incorporating their own methodology and management model of high technological standard. This has earned them the trust of prestigious investment enterprises and renowned professional studies.

In the alliance between OSLER and Impulsa the challenge is to expand internationally, especially in the European market, specifically, Spain.


Altos of Chamisero: Mediterranean style Condominium with first quality materials located in the valley of Chamisero, Colina. (Currently under construction.)