Land Banking

OSLER acquires land which can add value through eventual development.

The main objective in this business area is to add value in time to our land, seeking to create future projects with great investment appeal.

OSLER’s most important land acquisition has been Quirilluca, a 1,045 hectare plot of land that includes 2 kilometers of coastline, located near the town of Punchuncavi in Chile’s 5th Region, approximately 145 kilometers from the capitol city of Santiago. It is the only available piece of land of this size in the central coastal region of Chile that is undeveloped and uninhabited. Apart from its proximity to Santiago and inherent touristic qualities, it is also not far from the burgeoning cities of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. It has everything necessary to become a first and second housing self-sufficient city.

OSLER also has 5 more land plots located in strategic areas in the regions of Arica and La Araucanía.

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    DISTRICT: Puchuncaví V Region
    EXTENSION: 1.045 urban ha

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    Campo Peipihue

    DISTRICT: Villarica, IX región
    EXTENSION: 155 ha

  • image

    Costanera Villarrica I

    DISTRICT: Villarica, IX región
    EXTENSION: 7.773 m2

  • image

    Costanera Villarrica II

    DISTRICT: Villarica, IX región
    EXTENSION: 4.049 m2

  • image

    Playa Chinchorro

    DISTRICT: Arica, XV región
    EXTENSION: 7.665 mt2

  • image


    DISTRICT: Puyehue, X región
    EXTENSION: 773,8 ha







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