Other Investments

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    AIM Futbol is a company created in May 2008 dedicated to the consultancy and management of sports projects, with special emphasis in soccer. It specializes in representing professional athletes, guiding them in their development and finding their best interest for their careers especially from South America to Europe and into the big leagues. AIM has offices in Chile and Spain, and licenses to operate as a FIFA, UEFA and RFEF agent, which enables them to run a transparent business in all the areas they develop.


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    Following a family tradition, OSLER has pine forest lands in the IX region. The goal is to keep growing in the short term.

    Also, in Villarrica, OLSER owns a country estate “El Refugio” which currently has over 1,500 heads of cattle.

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    This Wellness center situated in the up market urban area of Vitacura is built on an area of 4 hectares on the banks of the river Mapocho. Its 7,000m2 of installations blends perfectly with its spa, gymnasium, swimming pools, health and beauty salon and racquet courts to offer its members a unique luxury experience. Its powerful minimalist architecture has turned Balthus into a one of the most remarkable projects in Santiago. OSLER was a partner in this project but sold its shares.