Real Estate Chile

Osler participates in the real estate area in two ways:

– Through partnerships with other local developers in housing and office construction as well as rental of neighborhood shopping centers.
– By managing our own projects as well as third party projects.

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  • Edificio Aires de la Cisterna
  • edificio brach
  • edificio calder
  • edificio club c
  • edificio denali
  • edificio El Alba
  • edificio foster
  • edificio La Portada
  • edificio Origen
  • edificio San Jorge
  • Edificio Tempo
  • edificio vincent
  • edificio-Dhalmar
  • edificio-San-Damian-I
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  • fundo-zapallar
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  • las tacas
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  • live costanera
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  • marbella
  • maria-monvel
  • villa el alba
  • villa los prados
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  • villa san francisco
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  • Altos de Chamisero, 20.200 m2, Colina, 2011
  • María Monvel, 4.977 m2, La Reina, 2003
  • La Portada, 37.871 m2, La Florida, 2000
  • Edificio Dole, 7.899 m2, Vitacura, 1995


  • Edificio Denali, 4.500 m2, Lo Barnechea, 2008
  • Edificio Brach, 12.597 m2, Las Condes, 2005
  • Edificio Calder, 8.500 m2, Las Condes, 2004
  • Imago Mundi, 86.557 m2, Las Condes, 1994

SECOND HOUSING / Projects in progress


OSLER participates in this resort as a major stock holder through Maitencillo Real Estate. Marbella is located 150 kms from Santiago; it has apartments, houses and land pieces available for sale. Its coastal surroundings and forest are situated on 297 hectares that include a Club House, gymnasium, swimming pools, restaurants, golf courses, church and security. In constant growth, this project has a long term development expectation.


OSLER participates as a partner in this project located in the V region, only 2 hours away from Santiago. Its 80 hectares are situated to the east of the road that unites Cachagua with Zapallar, both re known and exclusive resorts in this area. Its land stands over moderate slopes in an environment of dense forests, all of which will have 40 lineal meters in a surface that starts at 2.000 square meters with an ocean view.



OSLER participated as partner and was part of the board of directors in this housing project development set on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, 120 kilometers from the capital Santiago. This 39 hectare development is sets in pine forest and consists of 187 building plots with an average size of 1.500 m2. It is totally innovative for its self–sufficiency and environmentally friendly policies, as well as for the elegance of the development, supplied by only underground cables and a totally autonomous water processing plant. All of the houses have access to a club house, swimming pools and tennis courts.


OSLER participated as partner and was part of the board of director in this residential complex situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, 500 kilometers from the capital Santiago. The 260 hectare development is made up of 33.000 m2 of construction with 220 homes in its first phase. All the apartments are Front Line Sea with a private beach and enjoy top level installations such as a marina, sports club, private airport, hotel, and beach clubs.